When you first experience pain, it is an indication of some kind of illness in your body or an injury in that part of your body that is experiencing this excruciating pain. Some pains gradually reduce and finally go off with time. However, there are some pains, which are constant and never seem to fade away. Such pains are called as chronic pains.\r\n\r\nRemedies for chronic pain\r\n\r\nPeople suffering from chronic pain do not find much relief from medications and often feel dejected and addicted to pain killers. This is no remedy. Chronic pain can be dealt naturally without using medicines. To fight chronic pain, there are always options which Mother Nature offers. These options are not only healthy with no side effects but also better substitutes to conventional drugs.\r\n\r\nFollowing are five natural ways to beat chronic pains without medicine:\r\n\r\n1. Dietary changes\r\n\r\nConsider including the following foods in your diet:\r\n\r\na. Buckwheat: It is a good idea to add buckwheat to your diet especially if your pain is related to fibromyalgia. The two disabling symptoms of fibromyalgia are soreness and fatigue. The major ingredient of buckwheat is Malic acid. Malic acid has these magical properties of fighting tired and sore muscles.\r\n\r\nb. Fig: Fig, as a fruit, also has Malic acid having the ability to fight sore muscles. Fig along with Malic acid also has Ficin which helps in reducing pain caused by any kind of inflammation; it is an anti inflammatory enzyme. It also contains magnesium and manganese which is generally deficient in people suffering from fibromyalgia. Fresh figs accompanied with cheese can be eaten as a snack.\r\n\r\nc. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables: If you are suffering from insomnia, muscle cramps, stress and fatigue then spinach and other leafy vegetables would work best in eliminating your pain. Such pains can occur due to deficiency of magnesium. This kind of deficiency is common in patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are rich source of magnesium. A small quantity of cooked spinach can help in neutralizing the symptoms of low magnesium.\r\n\r\n2. Ionic jewelry\r\n\r\nIonic jewelry has certain mineral elements which help our body to cope with the pain and reduce it. It works on the principle of balancing the natural energy of the body called “CHI”. Due to stress, incorrect or inadequate nutrition, and sedentary lifestyle, there are blockages in the free flowing life force energy which causes pain. Ionic jewelry is designed to remove these blocks and re-balance the energy by virtue of which the pain gets eliminated. Ionic jewelry in form of bracelets can be used to relieve the chronic pain.\r\n\r\n3. Chiropractic care\r\n\r\nNervous system in the body is responsible for pain. Brain stops communicating efficiently with other body organs, if the body suffers from any kind of emotional or physical trauma. Chiropractic adjustments can facilitate in removing these blockages thus resulting healing in a natural way. This kind of treatment focuses mainly on healing the musculo-skeletal system and the nervous system.\r\n\r\n4. Herbs and supplements\r\n\r\nMany natural herbs can also cure chronic pain effectively:\r\n\r\na. Chili peppers: If you want to get relieved from pain and aches, then apply chili pepper on your tender joints. The Capsaicin found in chili pepper helps in relieving you from the excruciating pain, but temporarily. You can also purchase commercial creams which have capsaicin present in them. However it is advisable to mash fresh red chili pepper and apply the same twice or thrice in a day. This will get you miraculous results though they would be temporary in nature. You can also get good results by adding more chili pepper in your regular diet. However to get the same results as applying, you need to add sufficient amount of chilly pepper in your diet.\r\n\r\nb. Pineapple: Pineapple contains a lot of magnesium which is vital in creation of collagen in the human body. Once a person starts suffering from fibromyalgia, formation of collagen is weakened which leads to greater sensation of pain. Pineapple is one fruit which contains an enzyme called brome lain. This enzyme facilitates reduction of swelling and inflammation. It is highly recommended to eat one cup of pineapple on a daily basis as it provides with 100 percent of daily recommended level of manganese.\r\n\r\nc. Bathing in Epsom salts: Epsom salts are an excellent way to instill the body with essential minerals and beat pain. However, you must ensure that you are not allergic to sulfur before using the Epsom salt.\r\n\r\nd. Boswellia: A natural herb found in Africa and China, Boswellia, provides a long lasting relief from pain. Unlike the other drugs it is very gentle on stomach.\r\n\r\ne. Fatty acids: Fatty acids, which are found in krill and flax seeds, are very influential anti oxidants. They fight free radicals which are responsible for chronic pain and premature aging.\r\n\r\n5. Homeopathy\r\n\r\nHomeopathy is also an outstanding choice for patients suffering from chronic muscle aches and bruising. This is also an excellent remedy for patients who are suffering from pain as a result of trauma.