Heartburn and the holidays are something that goes hand in hand together. You have to accept that the chances of heartburn are more during holidays especially after thanksgiving time as you get stuffed with turkey. The name has nothing to do with heart. It is completely misnomer. Many people get confused thinking that it is the sort of chest pain or heart pain, in reality both of them are two different things.\r\n\r\nHeartburn causes\r\n\r\n1. The exact cause of this problem is not known so far. However the main reason can be the food that you consume.\r\n\r\n2. Such problem usually arises when your stomach is not ready to accept the food more than the capacity.\r\n\r\n3. Such things happen when you eat excess at the time of one after another party may be Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and then New Year finally.\r\n\r\n4. In particular you cannot consider food as a problem, but yes it can be one reason for such problem. Hence it is said that overeating can trigger the problem of heart burned, especially when your stomach is not accepting it.\r\n\r\n5. Another reason of this problem can be indigestion. Heartburn is an acidity which comes from your stomach. At this time, bubbles pop up in the esophagus resulting in an indigestion-type pain.\r\n\r\n6. This problem occurs when people eat bulk of food and that too of different types which keeps the things open between the stomach and the esophagus\r\n\r\nDo’s and don’ts\r\n\r\n1. Do consider to change your drink from coffee to tea. Tea can be less irritating.\r\n\r\n2. Avoid overeating. You must eat or drink only at the time when you are hungry or thirsty. A stuffed tummy can trigger the problem of heartburn.\r\n\r\n3. Exercise regularly can keep you away from all problems. Do not look for the excuses that can keep you away from workout.\r\n\r\n4. Avoid high fat beverages while going to bed.\r\n\r\n5. Try sleeping on your left side as it is aid that it helps in lessening the heartburn because it lets your stomach get empty easily.\r\n\r\nFood which is advised\r\n\r\n1. A chocolate with hot cocoa rather than chocolate candy is a best option at such time which will not trigger heartburn.\r\n\r\n2. Hot chocolate along with some slim milk is a best option. You can add marshmallows for sweetness which are fat free instead of adding whipped cream.\r\n\r\n3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain fiber. Food rich in fiber can help you to deal with this problem. Other than this, legume, grains, can be best for you.\r\n\r\n4. Add beans in soup, stews and salads\r\n\r\n5. Make fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes the centerpieces of your meals and the stars of your snacks\r\n\r\n6. Mix berries into your morning cereal\r\n\r\n7. Snack on raw veggies or a piece of fruit\r\n\r\n8. Eat lots of salads or veggies during lunch and dinner\r\n\r\n9. Instead of refined crabs, go with whole-grain varieties while eating bread, rice, pasta or cereal\r\n\r\n10. Dry fruits are also helpful. Things like plain toast, Crackers, melba toast, pretzels can give you instant relief by soaking up stomach acids at the time of digestive process\r\n\r\nFood to avoid\r\n\r\n1. While selecting grain-based food for the holiday, be careful with the choice. For avoiding such problem, corn bread and white bread are best choices. Keep children and yourself away from macaroni and cheese as such dishes can trigger acid reflux\r\n\r\n2. Go with food which contains low fats. High fat food can cause trouble especially if you are more prone to heartburn. Try skipping the non-veg food or avoid the skin when it comes to turkey. Turkey breast is best to have, but do not go for oilier dark meat Even the gravy you eat must be fats free.\r\n\r\n3. Ginger is one great ingredient that can help you deal with problem of heartburn. Add ginger in your food not more than 2 to 4 grams per day. More than this can increase the chances of heart burn. Other than this, go for the vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green beans and peas.\r\n\r\nIf you have the tendency of getting heartburn or have any such problem, then there are certain things of which you have to take care especially during holidays. Holiday is the time, when you feel like eating more, working out less and enjoy the time. However, at this period chances of heartburn are more. Below are certain food, which if you avoid can help you and can prevent acid reflux during the holiday season.