Stress is one aspect of life not liked by anyone. It is an uninvited guest, impossible to be thrown out of your life. Every human being has to face stress creating situations in life. If not dealt with properly it can leave terrible effects on mental and physical health. There are a number of ways that can help you deal with stress. Most of these ways require investment of both time and money. However some require only time and if you are short of time, which means you’re busy schedule, does not allow you spare time you can try some household activities. These household activities work wonders. This article will help you understand how do household activities help you relieve stress and feel better.\r\n\r\n1. Clearing up the clutters\r\n\r\nA well organized, clean house make you fall in love with it. If your house is tidy you would want to return to it after a long hectic day. It is just the opposite for an untidy house. The thought of going back home stresses you out even more. Hence clearing the clutters is better. Try it, it really works. Clutters in your house look dirty, messy, untidy, unhygienic and unpleasant. Untidy house kills your social life as you would not want to invite your friends or relatives into an untidy house. This leaves you feeling lonely pushing you into depression.\r\n\r\nA dirty kitchen does not encourage you to cook at home; hence you end up spending bucks on outside food. Unorganized house consumes time as you would never have one fixed place for your things and you end up wasting your time in finding things, it can be the same for important documents that need to be in place. If your house is not clean it also increases problems related to allergies. Several other problems occur in a house full of clutters. Spare some time to clear them up.\r\n\r\n2. Gardening\r\n\r\nWhat can be better than fresh green leaves and colorful flowers to help you relieve stress? Don’t worry about the amount of gardening space you have in your house. Spend some time amid nature to help you come out of any type of stress. When you dedicate yourself to nature, you expose yourself to natural sunlight, which is very important for your health. Sunlight helps you feel fresh and energetic. Your body consumes some good amount of vitamin D. You inhale some fresh oxygen, which is very good for your health.\r\n\r\nGardening is the best way of getting closer to nature; it definitely makes you feel better in a natural manner. Unaware you create beauty with nature. Gardening is nature working towards its best and you are creating it. Both nature and beauty are elements that make you feel good and better relieving you of stress. When stressed out try gardening.\r\n\r\n3. Ironing\r\n\r\nUnbelievable yet true, it is said that ironing resembles meditation. Everyone knows meditating is the best way of relaxing your brains. Hectic busy lives leave people with no option of relaxing leaving you with increased blood pressure and heart rates. Meditation relaxes your mind, your heart and your body, regularizing you blood pressure and heart rate. Ironing in a front and back motion continuously is the best way of releasing stress just the way meditation does.\r\n\r\nIroning is one of the most common household activities. You might engage yourself into ironing daily, however after knowing the good effects of ironing you would rather want to do it more frequently. It also helps you. You save on your time for the next day to work. As your clothes will be ironed and ready in advance you wouldn’t be late for work rater you get the time of sparing 5-10 minutes extra on your coffee and breakfast.\r\n\r\n4. Cooking\r\n\r\nStudies say that a number of people eat, rather over eat to release stress. However people have no idea that even cooking can help you relieve stress. When you cook food for your loved ones you tend to do the best by engrossing all your senses in this activity. This helps diverting your mind of stressful topics. When in stress you can plan to cook something special for your family. In fact if you love eating as well cook what you love eating. Interested in trying out new recipes, it is the best when you are in stress. Cooking in stress will help your recipe to turn out great. In all cooking is a stress relieving activity carried out by almost all of us on daily bases.