Cobra pose\r\n\r\nOne of the most basic yoga exercises that focus on the stomach, the cobra pose is an incredibly effective yet easy way to trim down the abdominal fat. If done along with other yoga practices, the cobra pose can rather be extremely beneficial and result-oriented. However, people who have a stiff or rigid back should avoid this pose unless their personal doctor has recommended or advised them to do so.\r\n\r\nTechnique\r\n\r\nForemost, lay down on the floor on your tummy and position both your hands on the ground, just next to your pectoral muscles.\r\n\r\nPut your hands with palms down beneath the shoulders and inhale. However, make sure your navel is touching the floor, with the chest slightly lifted and head upwards. Here, your back should be arching. Now, stretch the body as much as possible but comfortably.\r\n\r\nExhale while slowly and steadily lowering your upper body to the body. You can loosen up for a couple of minutes and then repeat the pose for two to five times.\r\n\r\nBenefits and cautions\r\n\r\nThe cobra pose helps people strengthen their core abdominal muscles and, most importantly, trim down their tummy fat. In addition to this, the yoga form also relaxes menstrual irregularities, back aches and constipation problems whilst toning the uterus, ovaries and liver. Nevertheless, the pose should not be performed by those who have an overactive thyroid, hernia or peptic ulcer. Women who are pregnant should also avoid the cobra pose.